Internet Can’t Get Over Man On Hospital Bed Who’s Actually Cake

picture of a man lying on a hospital bed has gone viral after he turned out to be made of cake.

The image of the man isn’t in fact new – it comes from the video for ‘Feel Away’ by Slowthai , released last summer – but its gained renewed attention after popular cake sculptor The Bake King posted images from it on his Instagram recently.
Also known as Ben Cullen, The Bake King was the man behind the Slowthai-shaped cake used in the video. He posted several images with the caption: “When I turned @slowthai into CAKE!”

He went on: “Made for his music video ‘Feel Away’ – all his body parts were made from vanilla cake and chocolate ganache with sugarpaste details!”

You may remember that last year there was a craze of people sharing pictures of incredibly life-like cakes. Someone baked a cake that looked like a burger, there was someone who made a beer bottle cake, and another that looked just like a picnic – among many others.

Slowthai’s video came out at the height of this craze, but it’s clear that several months later the internet is still totally capable of losing its mind over the idea of a life-like cake.

In the pictures posted by The Bake King, the man on the bed is first seen smiling at the camera from the comfort of a hospital bed. He looks pretty happy – except look closer, he’s cake.

In the bizarre music video for ‘Feel Away’, Slowthai rocks up to a maternity ward heavily pregnant. He then goes into labour, but after he gives birth a bunch of wedding guests and hospital orderlies start devouring his flesh – which turns out to be cake.

You can watch it below, but be warned it does contain some strong language :

In before and after shots shared by The Bake King, there is a photo of Slowthai’s arm whole and another that shows it cut up into seven pieces of cake.

The baker’s followers are freaking out over the images, with one person saying: “This is so disturbing!!”

Another wondered what the baking process itself might have been like, saying: “Imagine walking past the oven and seeing the silhouette of a man baking.”

A third said: “Noooo way, nope, no no no, we’re not bringing this trend back to life.”

While a fourth added: “This is amazing but horrifying!”

Others, meanwhile, shared images of their favourite gifs fromThe Walking Dead, the gingerbread man fromShrek, andJaws.

The resurfacing of these images and subsequent renewed interest in ‘Feel Away’ – which also features James Blake and Mount Kimbie – will come at a convenient time for UK rapper Slowthai.

The track is on his new albumTyron, which came out last Friday and is expected to do well in its first week of sales and streams.

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